Sunday, November 2, 2008


In our culture, we have a holiday called "Bunka no hi" on November 3. It means "Culture day" in English, and the purpose of this holiday is loving freedom, peace, and culture. We don't do something special on the day. We just enjoy the holiday with friends or family. However, there is a ceremony for presentation of cultural insignia at the Imperial Palace.
We have a holiday which is a little similar to Halloween in the middle of August. It is called "Obon," and this holiday is for dead people. We usually visit our ancestors' grave to clean it and put something which they liked on it. In Kyoto, people make big letters with fire on the mountain to take spirits of dead people to the other world. It is one of the traditional events in Japan.
In Japan, Halloween is getting popular lately. People start to sell something for Halloween (candies, costumes, cakes, or stuffs for Halloween party) as Halloween is coming. Because my university in Japan has a lot of international students, we can have a party at school.
I was happy because I could really enjoy Halloween here in America. It was my first time to curve a pumpkin, so I was very excited. I also bought a costume for Halloween, and I wore it to go to the bar with my friends on Friday. There were so many people in unique costumes that it was a wonderful sight for me. I thought I could not see people like them in Japan!!! The bar was filled with excitement. I will never forget such an exciting experience!!!!

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Anna said...

I was in Kyoto during August but I left right before that celebration started. A friend of mine sent me a photograph of the Kanji on the hillsides burning but I wish I would have been there to see it myself.