Saturday, April 4, 2009


There are many Stereotype people in Japan, and I will write about Otaku. Most of them are in Akihabara, Tokyo. Otaku are people who are enthusiastic about anime, comics, video games, computers, trains, pop idols and so on. They spend a lot of time on them. Therefore, they have a lot of knowledge about them. Most of them are single men, but some of them are women. They do not care about their appearance, so they wear unfashionable clothes and backpacks. I will introduce characteristics of some kinds of them. Anime Otaku like watching anime, and they have their favorite characters. Because they like collect goods related anime, such as dolls, they often go to Akihabara to get them. They also like anime songs, so they sing only them when they go to karaoke. Some of them fall in love with their favorite characters, so they are not interested in women in real world. Trains Otaku likes trains, and they take pictures of them and collect miniature trains. They can memorize all kinds of trains and announcement on trains. Pop idols Otaku go to their favorite pop idols’ concerts many times and also buy goods, such as photographic collections, DVDs, posters. They can dance and sing all songs of their favorite pop idols’. Public opinion about Otaku is not good because suspects are sometimes Otaku. People think they are not good at communicating with others face to face; for example, there is the website named “2 channel”, and they use it to communicate with other Otaku. However, I cannot say all of them are bad. I think most of them are good. There are many Otaku in Japan, so they are one of our country’s cultures.

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There are many Americans that are interested in Japan that use the word Otaku in a positive light. Like this website:
What do you think about that?