Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Major

I will write about my major, and I think this topic is good for me to remember my original intention. My major is English. I started to learn English when I was at junior high school. I have liked it since then. I wanted to learn it more, so I took English course at senior high school. When I was a sophomore, I stayed in Canada for one month to learn English. My host mother and I talked about my future, and she said to me,"If you like English, it is good for you to be an English teacher." I had not thought about my future seriously, and I just though I wanted to get a job related to English. After I talked with her, I started to think about my future seriously. I liked my homeroom teacher, and she was my English teacher. She always thought about students and was popular among them. Her English skills were also great. I thought I wanted to be like her. Because I liked both English and children, I decided to be an English teacher in the future. I determined that Before I became junior. I wanted to learn academic English and teaching skills at university, so I took an examination for Kansai Gaidai. Some experience and people inspired me, so I chose English as my major. I learned not only English but also other subjects, like human rights, environmental issue, law, Chinese, French, and so on. Because I am senior now, I will graduate from university next March. I will go back to Japan next month, but I will take classes from September. I will just heve half a year left to be a university student. I want to enjoy my university life and study harder to keep my English skills.

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Anna said...

I'm sure you will make an excellent English teacher!