Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Fish Writing Assignment

Tim Burton is also famous in my country, so I have seen some of his movies. I think that he is good at making fantasy ones.
There are differences between the book and the movie. The person who has the magical glass eye is an old lady in the book, but she is a witch in the movie. The witch is unreal in the real world. I think that this change is good, because Edward’s stories are fantastic; therefore, this change makes his story more fantastic.

In the movie, Edward fell in love with Sandra at the circus, and it took three years to figure out who she was. When he visited her, he gave a lot of daffodils to her. In the book, Edward fell in love with her, and he could not talk to her for a long time, and asked her to go out. I think that this change is also good, because the movie is more romantic than the book.
There is a circus in only the movie, and it makes the movie gorgeous. The movie is for the vision, so Tim Burton wanted to make people who watch Big Fish enjoy his fantastic world, so I think this change is good.

The strange village in the movie is different from the one in the book. People in the book are somber, and the dog is fierce. They lost their fingers because of the dog. People in the movie look like that they enjoy their lives. They wear white clothes and dance. If Tim Burton had not changed this scene, it would be weird. I think that he wanted to make parts of Edward’s stories gorgeous and parts of the real world serious. He wanted to emphasize the gaps.

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